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Insuring Against the Cruel Cost of Long-Term Care
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Most people's foremost fear in planning their retirement is simply outliving their money.

What should rank as the No. 1 financial fear of growing old is the cost of long-term care for people too feeble or crippled by illness to look after themselves -- a nonstop expense that can quickly deplete resources built up over a lifetime.

Is Long Term Care Insurance Needed?
Certified Financial Planner Ray Martin writes on personal finance for and also appears on "The Early Show" on CBS. He is co-author of "The Rookie's Guide to Money Management."

What You Need to Know About Long Term Care
An overview of long term care, insurance, and how to plan for it.

The Disappearing Inheritance
Remember those headlines of the 1990s that suggested baby boomers would reap a mega-windfall of trillions of dollars -- one of the largest inter-generational transfers of wealth in history?

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When Inheritance is Negative
Caring for Parents Cn Cost Children: Planning Ahead (pdf) - Wall St. Journal

Elder Care
Caring for parents is commonplace. Here are articles about elder care.

Self Insure Chart
Some may believe they can afford to self-insure. But even those with significant assets could erode their savings very quickly should they need long term care.


Who Cares? Video
Kiplinger's No-Nonsense Look at Long Term Care and How To Pay for it.

California Partnership for Long Term Care
From the California Department of Health Services

Jonathan Pond LTC Survey Video
By Jonathan Pond, Financial Expert

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